• Nov 21

    This anti-crowdfunding skit needs to be seen by every artistic schlup scamming for handouts

    As of right now there are only 34,000 online users who have seen this video, a mere fraction of the world’s population. That’s too little. There are entirely too many people who have not seen this hilarious mock-ad, and that just means we need to work harder at our jobs to get it out unto the world. It’s so pertinent to the current state of artistic endeavors right now.

  • Nov 21

    Remember newspapers? Maybe these 26 examples of hilariously botched newspaper headlines will jog your memory

    No matter how much we love and adore the internet and make abstract clay sculptures of it for shits and giggles ... we still kind of miss newspapers. They had that smell, everything you needed was in one place, and you didn't get a Trojan virus from it every time you read the personals section. But probably our favorite thing about newspapers that we miss is how hilariously awful the writing was. Headline after headline gets butchered somewhere in the newspaper journalism process, rendering an often-NSFW or otherwise totally nonsensical perspective on the news. So, because we still love a good newspaper every now and again, let's look back at some of the most heinous examples of this, for laughter purposes.

  • Nov 21

    We can tell you when and how you'll die in Colorado

    Knowing when, where and how you're gonna kick the can is about as impossible as removing a condom gracefully.  But thanks to some handy dandy statistical fuckery, we can make the closest approximation of your exit date in Colorado so you can start crossing things off that sexual bucket list we know you have.

    Let's get started.

    Colorado's current population is 5.26 million... read more

  • Nov 21

    Juggalos vs. Hipsters: who would win in a battle to the death?

    Juggalos in Oregon have been handing out threating posters to new, hipster businesses in North Portland. The escalating turf war is getting us all excited. While we could tell you about how gentrification inspired those "down with the clown" to tell the Hipsters to “get the fuck out, or suck our dicks,” we’re going to spend this time figuring out who would would win this subculture smackdown. Make your bets people, this shit’s about to get real.

  • Nov 20

    You'll soon be able to buy weed in Las Vegas because Las Vegas is built for pleasure

    Between the hookers, gambling, food and rickshaws operated by nude men, here's no shortage of things to spend the remainder of your government assistance funds on in Las Vegas. But now, thanks to a little thing called reciprocity laws, you'll be able to drop some dollars on a fat sack of weed as early as 2015. That's right people, Las Vegas is officially stoned.

  • Nov 20

    The Billboard 200 albums chart will now use streaming and digital download information to rank artists. This is 2014, yes?

    If you’re a music lover who enjoys tracking numbers and stuff and things of favorite artists when frolicking through the inundated world of the industry, the Billboard 200 chart may be the next frontier for more accurate sales representation. Yesterday Billboard, the go-to for all things numbers and charts related, announced it would be updating its seemingly archaic system to include on-demand streaming and digital track sales, measured by Nielsen Entertainment.