Meet the young chef hosting a cooking show out of his friend's apartment

Meet the young chef hosting a cooking show out of his friend's apartment

CultureSeptember 28, 2017

The dude making us dinner is named Shimmy, and had left the catfish marinating in a fridge far from where he was about to cook it. Luckily, his friend posited a genius idea to call dinner an Uber, and transport the fish to the apartment where we were staging. As we sit and wait, the cameras get set up and the canola oil gets poured into a skillet. 

I’m at the taping of a cooking show in someone’s apartment, the chef’s friend. The building itself is an old general store from the 1800s that was converted into a living area sometime in the '90s. The ceilings are tall, and there is enough space for a counter and the 10 of us gathering around it waiting for the food. Barely.

Shimmy, the dude behind Feedd Your Friends — aka “The Worst Cooking Show on the Web” — is getting ready to film his intro. His friends and him are rehearsing the lines and motions. After a few practice runs, they call action.

Shimmy’s foodie roots are in New Orleans; he loves making different kinds of po’ boys. Tonight’s menu is Catfish Po’Boy Sliders. Along the way, we learn some pointers: like the catfish should be dipped in cornmeal “NOT FUCKING FLOUR” (Shimmy’s words, not ours) served with a side of homemade french fries “NOT FUCKING FROZEN LIKE ORE-IDA” (again, Shimmy’s words, not ours).

And don't use olive oil for the frying. Try conola oil or peanut oil, never ever olive oil.