What is Rooster? Rooster's story is one of love, deception, greed, lust and…unbridled enthusiasm. You might say we were cockeyed optimists, who got mixed up in the high stakes of college, girls and Keystone Light. In 2007, we got the bright idea of starting a free magazine. The world of free publications as we saw it was a world with free toilet paper, where businesses advertised on one side and people wiped their asses with the other. And dammit if we couldn't make something better. Enter the lovable asshole: Rooster Magazine. Our goal: create a magazine with a mix of professional immaturity and common sense. Our hope: this might be something people enjoy reading. The first piece of advice we got was from our printer who said, "Don't start a magazine." The second was from our parents who said, " What the fuck are you doing? Don't start a magazine." We did. And it's been a fun, long, tough, drunk, sober, stressful, drunk, hilarious, and awesome journey from where we started as a no-name free publication to printing 30,000 issues every month in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins. The website, where you are reading this little story is our most recent brainchild. It's been 5 years in the making and we are excited it's now operational because that means we have yet another outlet for our irreverant ramblings.  Enjoy the site, read the mag and give us your feedback. The good, the bad, the spiteful; we want it all.