In-N-Out Burger is pissed over a model dropping milkshakes on her breasts

In-N-Out Burger is pissed over a model dropping milkshakes on her breasts

CultureApril 13, 2016 By Simon Berger

It doesn’t take much to grab the attention of prepubescent males and lonely writers stuck behind a computer. All you need to do is simply put up a video of a well-endowed woman doing anything in a bikini and it’s enough to win over the hearts and minds of the pension-less masses. 

Live Rich Media understands what it takes to garner views on YouTube and tapped into the “everyone loves hot chicks” business formula, delivering a splendid video of a model dumping In-N-Out milkshakes and fries on her bustling body. Thankfully, she was able to lick off the milkshake and eat the fries. As expected, the video went viral with over 1.5 million views on Live Rich Media and another 500,000 on Facebook. Everyone loved it, except In-N-Out.

The burger chain isn’t as excited about the spilt milkshake as the rest of the internet. According to TMZ, the lawyer for the fast food chain has requested that the video be taken down due to the series of complaints it has received over the Abigail Ratchford in "various sexually suggestive acts with In-N-Out Burger food." Supposedly it's not good for business and people might mistake believe the burger joint is somehow associated with the video. 

Lawyers for the chain asked model Abigail Ratchford to take down the video immediately. Luckily, she hasn’t, and now you have plenty of time to review the evidence of the case before it happens.