New Music: Colorado's own Conor Alu and R3K prove not all white-boy rappers suck

New Music: Colorado's own Conor Alu and R3K prove not all white-boy rappers suck

MusicSeptember 30, 2014

Everybody hates white-boy college rappers. It’s not because they’re white, and it’s not because they're rappers ... it’s because they usually suck at music. Labels aren't exactly whipping out record deal contracts when when a visor-wearing frat boy from Connecticut  whips together some bad lyrics and rhymes like “I’ve been spittin’ clean, like I’m sippin’ Listerine."  And it doesn't help when Kyle and Brad mash those together with a stolen bass line and obvious samples and call it music.

We get it, rapping Kyles and Brads of the college beach volleyball music world. You like to drink, smoke weed, fuck chicks, and blast your so-called haters. So do mainstream rappers. But it's the particular, perhaps more informed, way that they rap about it, that makes it easier on the old eardrums and psyche.

With this mentality it's no wonder that when a new track passed our way from 20-year-old white-boy rapper, Conor Alu (sometimes known as CA), titled “Ditto”, a word synonymous with North Face girls and Frappucinos, we were like ... "Let's put this on in the office and see how long it takes our clients to leave."

Conor Alu’s new track might fit into some of the stereotypes mentioned above (getting drunk and getting laid), but that is where the college-rapper similarities end. “Ditto”, with its sexy vocals, tight verses and infectious beat laid down by producer R3K, is in a league of it’s own. As mush as we hate to admit it, this track might be catchier than anything playing on your Top 40 station.

If you need another reason to like this song, the fact that the creators of “Ditto” are natives of Colorado might help. Alu and R3K (Riley Keating) have been making music together for about five years, ever since they found out about their similar musical interests while attending Boulder High School.

“We think it’s all about creating music, having fun and sharing it with cool, open minded people who appreciate art.” Alu says. He doesn’t really give a shit if you don’t think him rapping about his penis is art. If you can dance and smile to it, he’s happy.  Clearly, we zero problem with penis talk and like to smile every other week, so we got into it. 

Apart from their inspirational male genitalia, the pair draws inspiration from many genres of music, specifically EDM and hip-hop. This track even gets a little hyphy ... which we can't help but love at 2 p.m. when the 5 Hour Energy is wearing off and our boss starts cracking jokes about the stock market. And of course, no track would be complete without a sexy female vocalist, in this case provided by another Colorado native, Tobes (Talia Bussi-Sottile), who is featured on multiple CA tracks.   

So yes, this duo might be guilty of creating songs about getting fucked and fucked up, but these two kiddos know how to make music we can get into. No doubt this song will have you grinding into the late hours of the evening and taking shots until you’re drunk enough to make some bad decisions, even if the thing you're grinding on is a well-weathered couch.

“Ditto” is the first single from Conor Alu and R3K’s new EP coming out later this year. We expect big things to come from these Colorado kids, even if it’s just a bar tab.